What’s in My Saltwater Fishing Tackle Box? 2019

What is in my saltwater tackle box? That is the question, come along as I walk you through my fishing box and show you all of my lures and tackle. I like to keep things as simple as possible and really try not to fall prey to purchasing every “cool” lure that I come across but in reality you just have to match the hatch or find something that looks similar to what game fish are feeding on. I think we give fish far too much credit and I know from experience that they aren’t as intelligent as lure manufactures make them out to be. However, it’s in their best interest to get you to buy the NEW baits and I can understand that from a business standpoint. I go through every pouch and box and summarize why I have the lures and tackle that I do. This video may be little longer, but I find that it is very information and can really shed light on a few fishing lures that you may be overlooking. If you enjoy this video, please show your support by liking, commenting and subscribing.

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