Fly Fishing Gear Basics – How to Get Started in Fly Fishing

This is what you need when just getting started with fly fishing!

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Online Outdoor & Fly Shops:
Trident Fly Fishing:
Wyoming Fly Fishing Shop:
O’Pros Fly Fishing Accessories:
Outdoor Clothing & Gear:

Things that I recommend for fly fishing:
O’Pros Rod Holder (Best Fly Fishing Accessory EVER!):
Simms G4 Waders:
Korkers Wading Boots:
Wading Staff:
Fishpond Net (longer handle):
Fishpond Net (shorter handle):
Fishpond Waterproof Backpack:
SAGE Fly Rod (Great 1st Fly Rod!):
SAGE X Fly Rod (Fast Action next generation Sage TCR):
ECHO Euro Nymphing Rod (Love this rod!):
Winston 3-weight Fly Rod:
Orvis Battenkill Fly Reel (Bullet Proof Fly Reel):
Lamson Liquid Fly Reel (Great fly reel):
Ross Colorado (Click & Paw – oldschool!):
Rio Fly Line (The BEST Fly Line out there!):
Landing NET (Great net!):
Simms Sling Pack (LOVE THIS PACK!):
Simms Boat Bag:
Fly Fishing Gear Bag (My recommendation; Simms no longer makes my exact bag):
Top Quality Rain Jacket:
Waterproof Fly Box (Does not leak):
Love This New Fly Box (light and compact):
Dry Shake:
Forceps & Nippers:
Tapered Leaders:
Tippet (5x, 4x, 3x):
You NEED a Dry Bag:
Indicators (will not kink line):

Fly fishing for trout, fly fishing for Cutthroat in the Pacific Northwest has been a passion of mine for the last 40 years. I have spent most of my life fly fishing the great Pacific Northwest to include fly fishing in Alaska, fly fishing in Washington, fly fishing in Oregon, fly fishing in Idaho and fly fishing in Montana. I generally will fly fish and practice catch and release when fly fishing for trout, but I have been known to catch and cook during camping trips to many of my favorite fishing spots. I love to fly fish lakes in the higher elevation, though I have a few lowland lakes that are fly fishing only that are also on my most favorite list. I have a ton experience fly fishing rivers for trout and always enjoy discovering new rivers to fly fishing in and around the greater Pacific Northwest. I am also an accomplished at casting a fly rod – whether it is fly fishing casting for distance, fly fishing casting for accuracy, the double haul, roll cast, tower cast and many more fly fishing casting techniques – I can show you the basics when it comes to casting a fly rod. I also will cover many topics that relate to getting started with fly fishing. From your basic fly fishing setups, flies and fly boxes – we cover all the fly fishing needs for beginners. Thanks for taking the time to tune into FlyFishDan and I hope you consider subscribing to my fly fishing channel. Cheers and FISH-ON!!!

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