Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cooking Salmon

Top Mistakes
You might think you’re an expert at cooking up fish in a variety of ways, but we know of a few mistakes everyone makes when cooking salmon. If you don’t want to make these same rookie mistakes, then pay attention and learn how to unlock the full potential of this noble fish. Remember, we’re doing you this favor because we like you, and not just for the halibut. One of the secrets to cooking a good salmon is selecting the right salmon. We’ll show you how to pick the very best fish based on the color, the size, and the overall appearance. Even if you think you’re a master at cooking fish, the chances are high that you’re making some mistakes that would cause any fishmonger to groan. For example, you probably haven’t taken the time to double check that all of the bones from the salmon have been completely removed. You’ll learn a technique that will help you locate all of the salmon’s pin bones and leave the fillet nice and clean.

Once you learn how to pick and prep the right salmon, the second part of the battle is knowing how to season it and cook it just right. How much seasoning is too much seasoning? Are salting the salmon enough before cooking? Maybe you’re salting it TOO much before cooking, causing it to cure before it even hits the pan. Watch on and learn the secrets of plopping down an amazing salmon on a plate and really letting that fish shine!

You started with bad fish | 0:13
You thawed it wrong | 0:47
The bones are still in there | 1:22
You screwed up the seasoning | 1:50
You touched it too much | 2:22
You overcooked it | 3:21

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