How To #3: Tips and Tricks for Rigging Worms for Bait Fishing

Tips And Tricks
These are my favorite ways to rig worms for bait fishing, whether for bottom fishing, float fishing, or with a free line. I mainly use a whole live worm for game fish, a whole worm or half worm for panfish, and a whole or folded worm for rough fish. My trick for rigging worms in a strait line with any type of hook (so they don’t slide down the hook shank) involves turning the eye of the hook into a bait holder. This trick can be used to rig worms on aberdeen hooks, octopus hooks, circle hooks, and other single point bait hooks, instead of relying on baitholder hooks. I use this trick hundreds of times a year to catch walleye, panfish, carp, suckers, catfish, bass, pike, and more, and it’s how I rig my worms in my bait fishing videos. I also tried to share some of my bait fishing tips and techniques related to rigging the worms that came to mind.

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