Freshwater Natural Aquarium Documentary

The Freshwater Natural Aquarium Documentary shows freshwater tropical aquarium fish in the wild, in their natural habitat.

Have you ever wondered what your freshwater tropical fish’s homes look like in the wild and how they all interact in their natural habitat?

Legendary filmmaker Ivan Mikolji takes you on an underwater journey to secret locations in tropical jungles exploring 33 rivers and 7 different habitats.

Swim with the author and discover the unknown secrets of the world’s natural aquariums… the rivers.

Get valuable ideas on how to decorate and convert your tank into a natural aquarium.

The music from the FRESHWATER NATURAL AQUARIUM DOCUMENTARY was created by musical genius Elias Castro (Taremuru). We strongly recommend the use of headphones or good speakers so you can enjoy the music.

This is the original version of this documentary. The more recently uploaded HD version can be watched here:

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