Circle Hooks For Catfish – 3 Mistakes That Cost You Fish

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Circle hooks are one of the most popular hooks among catfish anglers and for good reason. They’re a very effective tool for catching all species of catfish, all sizes and using a variety of techniques. They haven’t always been that popular though.

When it comes to circle hooks for catfish there’s two groups, those that love them, those that hate them and there’s rarely much in between.

If you’ve never used circle hooks to catch catfish or used them before and didn’t have success there’s hope because most often the reason people struggle with catching catfish using a circle hooks is either that they’re using the wrong hook or not using the hook correctly.

Unlike many hooks that can be set or will set themselves anywhere they come in contact the circle hook works different. For a circle hook to work the hook has to slide, catch and turn for it to hook and that hook usually happens right in the corner of the mouth.

If you’re using a circle hook that’s not large enough or does not have a large enough gap then you’ll miss fish and lose fish. It’s critical when fishing for catfish that you use a larger hook and pay close attention to the gap.

The mouth of a catfish is thick and tough, unlike the paper thin mouth of most other freshwater fish and most standard “run of the mill” circle hooks aren’t large enough and don’t have large enough gaps to function correctly with catfish, especially big catfish.

In this weeks catfishing quick tip from Catfish Edge, Chad Ferguson walks you through the three mistakes that cost you fish when using circle hooks and how to correct them.

These include choosing the right hooks, making sure you have a large enough hook gap, making sure you hook the bait correctly and preventing fouled hooks.

These tips will no doubt help you increase your success catching catfish and make circle hooks much more effective.

We’ll be back as well with another video walking you through everything you need to know about using circle hooks, the different techniques and information on how to set the hook with a circle hook because you actually can despite what others may have told you.

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