Amazing Life Hacks Fishing With Watermelon & Eggs Catch Fishes From Hole | Unbelievable Fishing

Fishing Hacks
Dear Viewers
This video is for entertainment purpose, only. Yeah….I know this action is not a natural fishing and you can’t believe. (It’s a fake fishing) but we hope this video can make you laugh and happy.

We’re sorry if this video is not very good for you to watch but we appreciated for your understanding!

We bought the fishes from market to make this kind of video. The fishes can not come out from hole if we do not push them at the other side of the hole.

The actor is 24 years old. He is old enough and skillful of catching fishes.

Watermelon and eggs are very soft and do not hurt the fishes.

We appreciated for your great advice to make our work improve. Thank you so much for your time watching to my videos.

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