100% Catch using this method of fishing knot | with bobber or bottom fishing

Fishing Hacks
This knot can be used with floater or bottom fishing rig. 100% hook up when strike.

Greetings, start learning fishing hacks as the experts do. Let’s begin to learn how to tie a hook, connect strings from braided to monofilament to fluorocarbon, attach a bait, make a bait, fishing tips and tricks, and a lot more than you can learn from this channel.
Hopefully, this channel will be helpful to you.

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These are the other knots for fishing that you should try:

Palomar knot, Uni knot, FG knot, GT knot, Blood knot, Albright knot, Snell knot, Double Uni knot, Clinch knot, Trilene knot, Improved clinch knot, Loop knot, Yucatan knot, Braid twister knot, Figure 8 knot, San Diego jam knot, Ashley stopper knot, Paracord knot, Slim beauty knot and many more.

Fishing Knots Tutorials:

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