Trout fishing with worms, tips tricks and techniques for catching more trout on worms

Tips And Tricks
I caught my very first trout using worms as bait. 35 + years later, trout fishing with worms remains one of my favourite forms of fishing to this day.
There thousands of different flies, lures and natural baits in the world for catching trout, but drifting a humble scrubworm into a quiet backwater of a fast flowing stream remains one of my favourites. It just never gets old.
In this video, after I go digging for scrubworms I am successfully fishing for trout with worms, and I cover a lot of tips for trout fishing with worms such as how to put the worm on the hook, the fish hook size, split shot sinker size, the trout fishing rig and how to retrieve the bait when drifting worms.
I hope you enjoy this video, and find the trout fishing tips, tricks and techniques that I explain along the way useful.

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