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In This Tutorial We Will Be Covering The High-Low Rig For Surf Fishing.

This is a great setup for fishing from the surf no matter where it is that you are fishing. This surf fishing rig allows you to fish with two hooks at the same time! and it is highly possible to catch two fish at the same time.
This rig can also be simplified and fished with just a single hook.
After watching this video, even the most novice of fisherman should be able to setup this rig with confidence.
There is a bit of knot tying with this rig, so I usually have a few pre-tied fishing rigs ready to go.
I’ve found this surf fishing rig to be effective from the shore AND from a jetty / pier.

Here is what we will need to get this surf fishing rig setup:
1 – Barrel Swivel
2 – Sz 1 or Sz 4 Circle Hooks (we are using Gamakatsu Circle hooks)
2 – 3way Swivels (preferably those with a locking clasp)
1 – Pyramid Sinker (2 to 3oz usually gets the job done)
AND a good Monofilament Line (I typically use a 20lb Monofilament)

Starting from your main line we are going to tie on your barrel swivel. This will allow your surf fishing rig to move and spin in the water, enabling it to move with the current or whatever forces your surf rig will encounter. This will keep your line from twisting, knoting up, and potentially costing you a lost fish and broken line.

From our swivel, we want to attach about 6 to 10″ of monofilament line (the fishing knot used for this rig is fishermen preference) Any fishing knot will typically get the job done.

Next we want to attach that 6 to 10″ line to the first eyelet of our 3way swivel

On the bottom eyelet we want to tie a 12 to 16″ piece of monofilament

Next we attach that 12 to 16″ line to the top eyelet of our last 3way swivel.

From our bottom eyelet we now want to attach a piece of 12″ monofilament.

Now at the end of this line we can attach our pyramid sinker/weight.
(I usually tie directly to the weight eyelet but another snap swivel will work as well. I prefer less terminal tackle)

Now that just leaves us with the line from our 3way swivels to our hooks.

For this, 0″ to 8″ is the recommended length of leader. (I usually use about 4′ of line.

Attach your 0 to 8″ leaders to each of your clasps on your 3way swivels

From there now we just need to attach our circle hooks. A simple Fishermans knot, Improved Clinch Knot, Palomar knot, Uni knot or Trilene knot will work…. again, fisherman preference.

That’s It!!

Now all that is needed is some bait and you are ready to go catch some fish!!

There are a variety of baits to use with this rig and it really depends on the type of fish that you are targeting, but there are a couple baits that seem to ALWAYS WORK, and that is Shrimp (live or dead, preferably live) sand worms (live or artificial, Berkley makes a great sand worm in a variety of sizes, regular worms / nightcrawlers, and also Mole Crabs / Sand Crabs.

These are just a few baits that can work with this rig.
I use this rig a lot here in the Pacific Northwest on the Oregon Coast and usually for targeting Surf Perch.


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