Scout Climbing Part 1: Portable Systems, Grappling Hooks, Knots

Hook Knots
Hey guys! Been forever since I’ve uploaded. It’s a crazy world, and I’ve been training many martial arts over the past several years including Bujinkan, BJJ, Tang-Soo-Do, Kenpo, and more. Looking back at my channel, some of the information in my videos and the way it is presented is not up to par my standards these days, so I’ll be going through and removing some old content at some point soon. It’s amazing how much more we know as a collective about historical ninjutsu today than we did even just a few years ago, when I first got into ninjutsu.

I’ve had a fascination with being able to climb buildings, walls, and trees safely with a portable system ever since I was obsessed with ninjutsu in my early teens. I’ve experimented with many of the historical, ancient ways the ninja would climb for many years now, but have found modern methods to be safer and more applicable to more diverse situations. Just like life, my climbing techniques are a work in progress, but this is my current best understanding of effective climbing using a highly portable system.

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