How to Surf Fish: Learn Surf Fishing for Beginners

Tips For Beginners
How to Surf Fish: Learn Surf Fishing for Beginners teaches you how to saltwater fish from shore! We cover the most important surf fishing rigs and how to bait them for multiple species across the East, West and Gulf Coast. Learn how to read the beach and locate fish in the surf. Improve your surf casting and set up multiple rods to maximize your catch with surf fishing tactics and techniques. Ed Hitchcock and the Tailored Tackle team hit the beaches of Sanibel Island Florida to cover the basics for catching Snook, Red Drum, Shark, Sea Trout and Croaker. We get lucky with 2 TROPHY SIZED Triple Tail and some Sea Cats and Shark to round out the day.

Everything was caught using our Surf Fishing Kit, a fully loaded tackle box with all the rigs, weights, lures, hooks and terminal tackle for surf fishing success.

Tailored Tackle Surf Fishing Kit:

Tailored Tackle Fishing Kits & Combos – Makes fishing easy by offering fishing lures & rigs in pro assortments for Bass, Trout, Walleye, Freshwater Fishing, Surf Fishing & Ice Fishing. We make universal fishing rod & reel combo that can catch fish everywhere, helping beginner fishing anglers and advanced fisherman learn how to fish and improve your angling skills.

What Tailored Tackle is Great At:

• Teaching Beginners How to Fish
• Helping Fisherman Target New Species
• Explaining Advanced Fishing Tactics & Techniques

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Tailored Tackle fishing gear and educational content is developed by pro’s to advance your angling skills. We cover basic, intermediate and advanced fishing concepts through step-by-step instructions and examples. Tailored Tackle goes above and beyond your typical fishing show. Our team gets down to the exact details of what equipment we use, where we locate fish, and how we implement tactics & techniques to land fish. All this detail gets wrapped up into the over arching principles and concepts that catch you more fish. Our products and content are tested and proven by our expert network of fishing guides and enthusiasts. We only offer the tackle and information you need to be successful out on the water.

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