Fishing knots for hooks, lure and swivels | How to tie a fishing knot | How to tie a fishing hook

Hook Knots
The best 14 fishing knots for tying a fishing hook to a fishing line. How to tie a fishing hook. How to tie a Fishing Knot. Encyclopedia of Knots presents the most comprehensive list of the fishing knots that are widely in use for tying a fishing hooks to a fishing lines. Probably there are more ways doing it but all knots we have here are well know for fishing sport. Below the list of the knot for tying fishing hooks as they are appears in the video:

1. 0:01:16 Hook on the Loop
2. 0:04:52 Davy Knot
3. 0:07:10 Double Davy Knot
4. 0:11:44 Duncan Knot ( Uni knot )
5. 0:17:00 Egg Loop Knot
6. 0:21:55 Improved Clinch Knot
7. 0:27:30 Jammed Loop Knot
8. 0:33:45 Non-Slip Mono Loop
9. 0:40:10 Orvis Knot
10. 0:45:47 Palomar Knot
11. 0:51:51 Rapala Knot
12. 0:59:16 San Diego Jam Knot
13. 1:04:06 Shell Knot
14. 1:09:09 Trilene Knot

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