Choosing Surf Fishing Gear: DON’T WASTE MONEY & TIME!

Learn the essentials of surf fishing gear. This guide explains what every surf fishing angler should have in their bag in order to be prepared for any fishing situation on the beach. We cover the most popular kinds of fishing rods, reels, hooks, sinkers, lures and other gear for surf fishing.

When going out surf fishing, I like to be prepared for anything and everything that could happen on the beach. If I see fish busting, I want to have the correct thing to throw to catch one, but it is a real hassle to haul your entire garage of lures, sinkers, and other gear on a beach cart or on your back. Packing minimally and thinking ahead becomes key when preparing for your trip! This is a guide explaining what I pack so that I can keep light on my feet out on the field and still not miss out on any action. I fish this same set up pretty much EVERY trip we take to any beach around the world, so hopefully these tips will apply to any surf caster and help you get the correct gear out there!

Here is everything you need to know about surf fishing gear in one concise 11-page e-book. Included at the end of this guide is a printable list of exactly what gear I pack every time I go fishing.

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10-11’ Rod
5000-8000 Size Reel ~ Spooled w/ #20 – #40 braided fishing line

1-2 oz Topwater Lure
1-2 oz Bucktail Jigs
1 oz Spoon

2/0 Circle Hooks
5/0 Circle Hooks
1/0 Baitholder Hooks
3/0 Live Bait Hooks
4/0 Long Shank Hooks
Sabiki Rig

2oz sinker
3oz sinker
5oz sinker

Squidy Bits
Frozen Squid
Sand Fleas

#25 fluorocarbon
#40 fluorocarbon

Tactical Clips
Sand Tube

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