Catch 5x MORE Fish Using A Jig (Bass Fishing Tips)

Fishing Techniques
In this bass fishing tips video I show you how to catch more fish using a jig. Bass fishing with a jig can be amazing this time of year but its important to know how to fish a jig differently to catch more fish. I show you different ways to fish a jig and how to catch more fish using a jig. Let me know if you like these bass fishing tip videos and what bass fishing tip videos you would like to see next! Also let me know if you would like to see another jig fishing video!

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Bass Fishing Gear used in this video :

13 Fishing Concept Z (reel) –
13 Fishing Fate Chrome (rod) –
Seaguar Florocarbon –
Jig –
Reaction Innovations Twerk –
Reaction Innovations Beaver –
Football Jigs –

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