Waggler Fishing Basics – The Beginners Guide to Bagging Up

Tips For Beginners
Waggler Fishing doesn’t need to be complicated. This video provides newer anglers with everything they need to know. From the best type of of tackle to use, to the techniques and tactics which will help them catch lots of fish.

The videos below provide a more in depth look at many of the aspects of waggler fishing which have been covered in this video. Just click on the links to view them. Other videos are available by going into my Playlist called Float Fishing Tutorials.

MAP Carptek 4000FD Reel: https://youtu.be/jdWR9Mgtd0M
How to Plumb the Depth: https://youtu.be/VNkZh18zoTg
Loaded or unloaded Floats: https://youtu.be/u7GaFayH0UE
Figure 8 Loop Knot: https://youtu.be/VwiJYThunjI
Use to Clutch or Backwind when playing Fish: https://youtu.be/-Zq1jnZgoic
How to Use a Landing Net: https://youtu.be/0hs-HcgrRw0
When it all goes Wrong-A Fishing Disaster: https://youtu.be/WG8E79aIPlc
How to Use a Disgorger: https://youtu.be/C3bCyTTvhbo
How to Sink your Mainline: https://youtu.be/15bQu0fkV78
How to Use a Telltale Shot: https://youtu.be/sx9-SDyGts4
How to beat the Wind with a Waggler Float: https://youtu.be/TKQAhGta2_4
Biggest Waggler Fishing Mistakes: https://youtu.be/MkCdN-qf7R0

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