Top 3 Fish Finder Mistakes (Most Anglers Make)

Top Mistakes
It’s fish finder time!!!

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Do you know how to read your fish finder? Ever had trouble knowing what’s showing on your fish finder screen (or bottom machine screen)?

Ever thought your bottom machine was “lying” to you because you could see so much on the screen but couldn’t catch any fish?

Regardless if you fish in saltwater or freshwater, knowing how to read a fish finder can make or break your fishing trip.

The BIG PROBLEM is that almost all fishermen (even many full-time guides) aren’t using their bottom finder machines correctly (and this is across the board regardless of what brand fish finder you own).

Some of us only know how to use the chart plotter, GPS, and depth finder…

And very few of us (including me until we filmed Fish Finder Mastery) are getting the most out of our Fish Finder screen.

So in this video, we reveal a few of top Fish Finder mistakes that most saltwater fishermen are making.

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