STOP Making These SPINNING ROD Mistakes

Top Mistakes
Spinning rods are probably the most used piece of fishing equipment used on planet Earth. Whether you are just beginning fishing or a veteran, there are 3 big mistakes that I see a lot of guys make with a spinning rod!

FINN Fishing GEAR –

Favorite Lures:
1. Chatterbait (Big Blade) –
2. Deep Diving Crank (5XD) –
3. Buzzbaits –
4. Glide Bait (Storm Arashi) –
5. Jig (Denny Brauer Structure Jig) –

When it comes to fishing a spinning rod, this is where most guys start but it is also where a lot of guys stay. Spinning rods are pretty easy to use but there are a few things that I think a lot of guys do that are big mistakes.

If you can correct these spinning rods mistakes, then you will be a lot happier when fishing!

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