Pier And Surf Fishing Gear: My Favorite Rods, Reels, & Braid

I use different gear for pier fishing and surf fishing. Between fishing reels, fishing rods and braided line there are an infinite amount of combinations you can choose from. What you chose to pair with each other can make a worlds difference when it comes to performance. You can pair together rods and reels to create a great outfit specialized to best suit your fishing grounds.

A pier is different from the beach. Using longer rods on the beach allow you to cast further. But may be unnecessary long for a pier. A rod that is too long at the pier can yield you problems with casting and having a harder time landing fish. My surf fishing rod is usually 10’-11’ where as my pier fishing rod is 8’-9’. BOTH of them have a longer butt end. This allows for better leverage.

Anyways, just watch the video and I will explain the rest!

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