Nail Knot Multi-Tool: How to Tie Nail Knots & More (Spin Cast & Fly Fishing Knots)

Hook Knots
I picked up the best nipper/nail knot multi-tool the other day and thought I would share my honest review. In the video I go over how to tie nail knots for various situations. Using this fast tie tool, I tie a blank hook to line, spin cast fishing lure to line, fly fishing backing to fly line, and floating fly line to the leader. This tool also cuts line with the nippers, can sharpen hooks with built in file, and can clean hook eyes with built in needle.

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The nail knot is a fishing standard used by all the pros. It can be used to connect very distinct diameter lines very quickly. Many people have a difficult tying this knot but thanks to this Multi-Tool, tying quality nail knots is easy.

For all my Fly-Fishing Enthusiasts, here’s a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to setting up a fly fishing reel from start to finish.

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