Must-Have Fly Fishing Tools and How to Use Them

This video breaks down the basic fly fishing tools and accessories you will need to get started on the water and how to use each. Specifically, we will be defining and showing you how to use Nippers, Forceps, Zingers & Retractors, Tippet Holders, Floatant Holders, Leader Straighteners, and Line Cleaners.

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If you would like to purchase any of the tools and accessories are shown in this video you can do so at or by using one of these direct product links:

Nail-Knot Nipper Multi-Tool –

Precision Grip Forceps –

Single Zinger –

Double Zinger –

Carabiner Tape Measure Zinger –

Tippet Holder –

Dry Fly Floatant Holder –

Leader Straightener & Fly Line Cleaner –

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