How to Ice Fish for Perch – Ice Fishing Jigging Tips and Tricks

Tips And Tricks
We are out here with Antonio, the boatless angler, and we’re out here using some Stingnose jigging spoons and we’re ice fishing for perch. We’re getting a larger mixed bag of sizes when compared to last week.

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We have a strategic spot that we’re fishing at today. We’re fishing specifically on top of the ‘white ice’ – the area of the ice which is either covered in snow, or otherwise solid white and opaque. 

This snow-covered ice helps give some cover to the fish down below, and helps shield us from the fish. As the water we’re fishing today is very clear.

If we were sitting on the clear ice, the fish might be able to see us, and be startled by our movements. If you have the chance to fish a snow-covered area, that will help your day out on the ice.

Right now my line is about 6 to 8 inches off of the bottom and that’s where the fish are currently holding. When you jig for perch, panfish, or even walleye, there are many different jigging techniques which you can use.

I’m mainly using a slower lift and drop technique to start. Sometimes jiggling the line a bit, or giving a very slow lift. You can also use a more aggressive snap, which makes the lure look like a minnow darting away. Vary your technique to feel out which is working for the fish. Sometimes subtle works, where sometimes big aggressive motions work.

The key with any technique is to always provide a pause – as the pause or the downward motion of the lure tends to be when the fish will strike.

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As always until next time, good luck and good fishin’!

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