How to Cast a Spinning Reel/Rod – For Beginners

Fishing Techniques
In this video demonstration, I show you how to cast a spinning reel/rod. This is great for beginners or anyone who wants to perfect their cast, utilizing spinning tackle. Before learning how to cast, I recommend learning the fundamental terminology of the reel, such as the bail, drag dial, crank and gear ratio.

The bail is what allows you to release line from the reel; it also oscillates evenly to add the line back to the reel.
The drag dial allows you to adjust drag tension.
The crank or handle is what you will turn to retrieve your line.
The reel gear ratio is what determines how fast the line is retrieved, higher gear ratios are faster.

Next you want to open the bail and place your index or trigger finger on the line like I showed in the demonstration. You then want to have 6-8 inches of line hanging from your rod tip to your lure. If it is much longer, your casting accuracy will suffer drastically. Point your rod at the intended target and pull the rod back or load the rod and cast in the direction of your target while releasing the line from your finger. If the lure shoot in the air, you released too soon, if it fly’s down by your feet you held on to long. Don’t worry, practice a little and you will get the hang of it in no time. If you enjoyed this video, please like, share and subscribe. Thank you!

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