Fixing a broken fishing rod

I managed to break my son’s fishing rod and not on a fish but trying to ram it into a bag which already had a folding chair in. I could of just left it a bit short and glued a new tip top guide on but then the rod would look at bit odd. So I used a piece of broken rod tip to fit inside and bring the two parts back together, This was glued into place with some epoxy rod building adhesive similar to 40min epoxy, To wrap over the joint I used some strips from a piece of carbon fibre cloth, these individual strips can be bought and are sold as carbon fibre tow. I used rod finishing epoxy to coat the wraps and some shrink rubber tube to compress it while it cured overnight. To finish I sanded and then used spray can clear coat, but an thin layer of epoxy would do the same. This method I have used a number of times to fix broken rods, generally it can kill a little bit of tip action but to honest after a few casts i generally forget the rod has ever been repaired

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