Fishing Help For Beginners, Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Fishing Hacks
This video is loaded with tips for the person who is a beginner at fishing. Moderate to advanced anglers might find some useful tricks and hacks in this publication as well, but the majority of ideas are geared toward teaching the amateur some short cuts to being a better angler.

I’ve been fishing for over fifty years and have included in this video some of my opinions about fishing gear, rigs, accessories and items gained through experience. Hopefully the ideas I present will help you catch more fish.

Gear JC Uses:

There are loads of tips in this video for the person who has never really fished before or who has little knowledge about this sport.

This isn’t a tutorial video. It’s actually filled with ideas to help your fishing experience be more enjoyable or perhaps easier.

In this video you will learn:

1. What I think about monofilament fishing leader compared to using fluorocarbon

2. How to save BIG money on ice

3. Ideas that can be used in association with fishing knifes

4. Where I think the best place to purchase tackle, rods, reels and fishing accessories is and why

5. A simple hack that will save you time and aggravation when you are finished fishing and don’t have a lure or hook on your line

6. Tricks related to stringers made for keeping fish alive

7. The three things I feel every angler should keep with him while fishing from the shore, boat or kayak

8. How to get a broken rod tip repaired without wasting money

9. What the best deal is for needle nose pliers for fishing

You will learn about all of the above tips, tricks and hacks for beginners and much more in this video.

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