FISHING CATCH & RELEASE TIPS & TRICKS – How to release your catch!

Tips And Tricks
FISHING CATCH & RELEASE TIPS & TRICKS – How to release your catch!


I think we can all agree that it’s pretty easy to get excited and look forward to catching some fish! Maybe you’re planning on bringing home dinner or perhaps just going to have a good time. It’s fun to get caught up in the moment and become determined to LAND THAT FISH! But what happens when the fish is too small, not in season or just not edible?? This is where proper release techniques become important! Releasing your catch THE RIGHT WAY will increase it’s likelihood of survival so it can continue to grow and swim to see another day.

In this video, we go over our favorite TIPS & TRICKS to proper Catch and Release Techniques. Even though we were catching Lane Snappers these tips can apply to ALL FISH SPECIES…groupers, muttons, mahi, tuna, permit, tarpon…etc. We hope you find this video helpful for the next time you catch a fish that needs to be sent back home!

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