Easy Bass Fishing for Beginners – Fall Mojo Rig on a Cheap Baitcaster

Tips For Beginners
Fall bass fishing can be easy with a Mojo Rig (also known as a split shot rig). Even a beginner can use this rig to catch more bass. It is made up of a split shot and a hook. And of course, your favorite soft plastic. I am throwing this rig on my $15 baitcaster. The worms I am using today were sent in to the show by Fishing with Vance. I manage to catch 4 largemouth bass today. If I can do it, so can any beginner fisherman that has a split shot, a hook, and a worm. So get yourself a cheap baitcaster and learn the ins and outs of this easy lightweight rig. I hope it can help you catch more fall bass.

Here is a link to Fishing With Vance: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKnOOx6M8-WDSNAHAB9vkQQ

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