Bass Fishing Tips – Texas Rig

Fishing Techniques
Bass Fishing Tips…I am going to show you how to use artificial soft plastic crawfish to catch big bass! The first thing you need to know when using this type of bait is to use a regular shank hook with a lead bullet weight. The Texas rig is a great way to set this bait up, it will allow you to get into some of the thick cover the bass like to stay in. The line I am using is a 15lb fluorocarbon but anything within the 12lb to 15lb range would be great because you do not have to worry about breaking the line, If you are fishing extremely heavy cover you might want to consider up to 20lb fluorocarbon line. How to find the big bass look for structure in the water such as trees and grass because once that sun comes up that is where they will be hiding. When working the bait, it will depend on several factors, the bass may be very aggressive or very lethargic and you have to get a feel for how the fish are reacting, if the fish are being aggressive you would want to hop the bait kind of fast, on the other hand if they are not aggressive then you would want to drag the bait slow across the bottom trying to entice the bass to take a bite. There are a bunch of ways the artificial soft plastic crawfish can be worked in the water to entice that big bass to take a bite. The rod is also important when using the artificial crawfish, either use a medium heavy or a heavy power rod and on the reel gear ratio I would recommend a 7.3:1. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you want to see more like it be sure to hit the thumbs up button! Thank you for watching, please subscribe, comment, like, and share!

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