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Hook Knots
1. Fishing Hook Knot – Uni Version – https://youtu.be/zut2L5rHx3o
2. Fishing Hook Knot – Standard – https://youtu.be/01Q0xMVUklU
3. Fishing Hook Knot – Traditional – https://youtu.be/0_KYbmUfJa4
4. Fishing Hook Knot – Easy and Strong – https://youtu.be/F4K4f8pa1mw
5. Fishing Hook Knot – Simple and Solid – https://youtu.be/jxp322wzvOs

By and large, anglers are extremely detail oriented people. We pay extremely close attention to our rods, reels, and lures to both maximize the number of bites we generate and minimize the number of missed opportunities. There’s a reason for that level of detail. Our rods, reels, and lures are integral components of a successful presentation, and if one isn’t chosen correctly, a poor day on the water is often the result. All too frequently though, anglers get the rod, reel, and lure selections correct, yet still have trouble hooking and landing fish – something that could be caused by using the wrong fishing knot.

Fishing Knots don’t get nearly the attention they deserve. The knot is what connects your lure to your line. If it fails, nothing else matters. Despite that fact, anglers routinely tie the same old fisherman’s knot that they learned from their grandfather for every presentation with little thought towards how it will affect their success.

Knots are a lot like lures in that there are different choices that excel under different conditions, and there is no “one knot that is best for all situations.” Additionally, as anglers become more diverse in presentation, often using superlines, fluorocarbon, and monofilament all in the same day, knots are becoming even more important.

To speed up your learning curve, we’ve put together this list of 5 essential knots, when to use them, and how to tie them.



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